Stallions & Colts

Jasenna Meshek

Stud Fee: $660

Born 19 Dec 2008, Jasenna Meshek is a red bay with a

diamond shaped star and small sock on his offside hind leg.

Dam: Ningana Bella, Sire: Markazi Milad.
Height: just under 11.3hh (119cm / 46 ¾ inches).

Meshek is a very showy type and turns heads wherever he goes, receiving many
favourable comments. He is typical of the breed, with a kind, willing nature and
smooth paces that suit both ridden and harness pursuits.  He has won every
show class he has entered and has featured in the Horse Breeds Expo at the
Brisbane Royal for the last 3 years …….. Read More ……..

Markazi Milad

Stud Fee: $660

Born 24 Dec 1998, Markazi Milad is bay with a star.

Dam: Chippendale Yavash, Sire: Telopea Tousan.

Height:  11.3hh (119cm / 46 ¾ inches).

Marida Amir

Stud Fee: $660

Born 24 Sept 2005, Marida Amir is a chestnut with a star and offside hind sock.

Dam: Marida Saman, Sire: Cheleken Avval Pesar+

Jasenna Qadash

Stud Fee: $660

Born 25 Sept 2012, Jasenna Qadash is a dark bay with 2 small hind socks.

Dam: Markazi Azadeh, Sire: Jasenna Meshek